3 Reasons to Visit the Naturally Beautiful Philippines

Looking to get out of the cold and take a vacation on the tropical islands then you should look into visiting the beautiful Philippines. Here are some of the many reasons to do so.

  •  Most Everyone Speaks Native English

English is extremely common in the Philippines. While Filipino is the official language of the country, virtually everyone is fluent in English which means that communicating with the locals has never been easier. Another bonus is that not only do Filipinos speak our language, but they're also incredibly friendly and eager to talk to us. Ease of communication is especially important for people planning to expatriate because it makes starting friendships or establishing business connections so much easier.
  •  A Nation of Variety
The Philippines is an archipelago and each island offers different experiences and things to discover. So whether you are searching for tropical beaches, lush nature reserves, or the hustle and bustle of a metropolis there is something for everyone to love. The Philippines is a nation that is rich in diverse culture and geography. Luckily, flights between major cities are quite inexpensive so you can explore without being too hard on your budget.

  •  An Economical Vacation
While expensive five-star hotels do exist, you can get a decent hotel started from the equivalent of $15 American dollars a day, and hostels are even cheaper than that. Because the Peso is significantly devalued compared to the dollar or other major currencies, your money can be stretched a lot further. Transportation is also very cheap. Taxis cost around twenty cents on the dollar for people familiar with typical Western cab fares, and buses or jeepneys (a form of public transport unique to the Philippines) cost much less. Likewise, food at locals restaurants and eateries, or from food vendors, is also very economical. You can find all manner of BBQ meats or fresh fruits for sale on the street. Fast food restaurants are also very common, including Western favorites like McDonalds and KFC, but also more Filipino flavored brands like Jollibee and Mr. Tapa.
All in all, the Philippines is an incredible country to visit or even if you want to stay for a while and work online as a digital nomad. The Philippines has a very flexible tourist visa policy that enables most people to stay for years at a time so long as you renew your visa every six months or so. Happy traveling. 

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