3 Key Steps to Help You Prioritize What’s Most Important

Do you want to be a successful? If so, then you must understand priority. Having success and prioritizing responsibilities both go hand in hand.  Realizing success is not simply the accumulation of materials, wealth, or notoriety. Success is the ability to act on and achieve your goals.  In order to reach your set goals, priorities must be established in different areas of your life. 

When dealing with relationships you must decide who is most important to you and then ask the question. Am I dedicating and investing enough time in that person? Or vice versa, am I investing too much time in this person.  Also, on your job and or whatever career you may be in you must establish an order of importance in your daily duties and responsibilities to be effective.

Regardless of the set number of priorities you have, you must have established order. Here are three things that you can do daily to keep priorities in the proper alignment.

     Be an early morning riser.  When you awake early in the morning, your mind is clear and free from the added clutter that the day can and will bring. Always rise early to read and meditate on the responsibilities that are ahead for the day. This establishes a sense of order for before you begin your daily duties.

     Make a list.  Everyday make a list of priorities in your notes or on your phone.  From top to bottom, write out and list the most important to the least important and check off items as they are completed.

     Don’t Deviate from Values.  You have things to accomplish, but you get a call from someone unexpected that wants to converse longer than you anticipated.  Don’t deviate from your values and what you have esteemed to be your priority for the day.

Whatever you deem to be the most important in your life, make sure that person or task gets the most and first attention.  Keep your agenda readily available to make any necessary adjustments that you may need because priorities do change and you must be ready to realign and refocus. Remember if it does not help you reach your end goal then it is unimportant and will deter you.  Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

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