10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The talk about climate change has been going on for some time in the media with everyone talking about the devastating effects of global warming. There are erratic weather patterns, food insecurity and rising sea levels among others. Carbon pollution is to blame for the most of the climate change. Reducing the amount of carbon that we release into the atmosphere can help lower the effects of climate change. Here are ways we can cut down the carbon footprint. 

1.      Carpool or use public transport

 Vehicles release lots of carbon into the atmosphere. Reduce the emissions by carpooling with friends or using the public transport. 

2.      Choose energy efficient devices

Look for energy star rated equipment at home. They use less energy and help you avoid over-utilizing the available energy resources.

3.      Avoid unnecessary business travel 

Use technology tools such as video camera to connect with clients and offices around the world rather travel to where they are. It helps lower the unnecessary emissions. 

4.     Go for renewable energy

 Use renewable energy sources like wind, hydroelectricity and solar instead of fossil fuels. The green energy sources do not pollute the environment. 

5.     Recycle as much as possible

Re-use containers, recycle as much material as possible. This way, you will not have to spend more energy to produce similar items. 

6.      Consider green transportation

Go for the bike or take a walk when going for short distances. This reduces carbon emissions from the vehicle.

7.     Compost where possible

 Consider growing your plants in the backyard garden, moreover, avoid using fertilizers and compost the kitchen waste for healthier food. Fertilizers contain metal ingredients that pollute the environment. 

8.      Reduce your printing

 Do not print unnecessarily. Use email communication to share documents. Printing paper comes from trees. If the trees are not cut down, they can help lower the carbon levels in the atmosphere. 

9.      Support green practices in the neighborhood

 Support initiatives that support action against climate change such as tree planting, reduction of the use of plastics and bio-fuels initiative. You can do it by donating to the initiative or taking part in the events.

1    Insulate your home

Insulate your home properly to avoid loss of energy. Moreover, conserve energy by installing automatic sensors for your AC and lighting system. It helps conserve the amount of energy spent on heating and cooling the house.   

By reducing the carbon footprint, we are able to lower the rate of climate change and reverse some of its ill effects.

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