10 Great Uses for Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you have a bottle of organic apple cider in your kitchen right now? If not then knowing the various uses of apple cider vinegar is bound to get you running for some. Apple cider vinegar has a myriad of purposes and chances are you are really limiting its use especially if you only use it for salads. The many uses of this amazing product range from the kitchen, cleaning and gardening to uses in beauty and other health purposes. Here are 10 uses for organic apple cider vinegar (ACV).

1.       Whitens Teeth

When rubbed on the teeth directly then rinsed or gargled every morning before brushing your teeth, ACV removes stains, kills bacteria in the gums add restores the whiteness of your teeth.

2.       Regulates the pH of the Skin

Since ACV is great in regulating the pH of your skin, it is therefore a great astringent as well as a toner and can be applied over the face after diluting in two parts water.

3        Prevents Indigestion and helps in Weight Loss

ACV is a great remedy for indigestion and taken diluted in warm water, before eating foods that are gassy can help prevent indigestion that would otherwise be inevitable. It contains pectin, a fiber that is water soluble and is hence great in treating constipation. A healthy digestive system keeps Candida from building up which helps you lose and keep weight off.

4         Great for Your Hair

Apple cider vinegar is a great dandruff treatment as it regulates the pH of your scalp thus killing dandruff and making the scalp better at preventing the growth of dandruff. Mixing ACV with water then spraying on to your scalp and rinsing it off after some time will go a long way in helping you avoid it. Besides getting rid of dandruff, ACV adds shine to your hair when used to rinse.

5          A Remedy for Bad Breath

Have you tried mouth wash and regular brushing to no avail? ACV is a great remedy in controlling bad breath and gargling it or drinking diluted ACV can kill the bad-breath-causing bacteria in your mouth.

6             Controls Blood Sugar

ACV should be a staple in your kitchen cabinet especially if you are insulin resistant as when taken with meals helps keep your blood sugar level stable.

7             Detoxifying Properties

The product when taken regularly balances the body’s pH and stimulates circulation while aiding in the detoxification of the liver.

8           Natural Air Freshener

When poured down the drain or in the toilet and allowed to sit overnight and when used as a kitchen cleaning agent, it leaves the room and toilet smelling naturally fresh.

9           Reduces Yeast Infections

Taken regularly, the vinegar has enzymes that eliminate candida and hence avoiding yeast infections and thrush.

1        Cures Hiccups

Got a case of hiccupping? A teaspoonful of ACV will remedy this and help you resume your conversation smoothly!

Every home should have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in the kitchen cabinet. It is one of the most healthy organic products on the market that provides remedies for so many physical ailments. 

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