WHOLEROLL Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

WHOLEROLL Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels for Kitchen Bathroom Cleaning Washable #20 Sheet Ct.

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  • YOU SAVE MONEY-Do you know just one of our reusable sheets can replace 50 regular paper towels. Zero trees waste. Replaces over 10,000 daily use throwaways. That's a total of 5 months of paper towels.
  • REUSABLE MANY TIMES-You can wash these 10x10 inch bamboo towels cloths over 100 times. Wash dishes, dust, clean car or bathroom and spills. Use them any way you use your paper towels now.
  • SUPER STRONG-Strong enough to hold a small melon. Our towels are heavy duty and can fit in your dispenser. After use and wash you can create a small basket to store them in right by the paper towel holder.
  • USES ARE MANY - Clean your home, dusting, dishes, washing your car, pet, traveling, personal care and clean up behind your children. Many uses and environmentally friendly.
  • FUTURE GENERATIONS - That kid on our packaging is your kid. All of our kids. We source strictly bamboo because it replenishes better than trees. We believe in saving trees. The environment is important. Purchasing reusable bamboo paper towels helps to save you money, save you space and helps to preserve the future of the next generation. Choosing reusable bamboo shows you too are Earth Conscious and People Committed.


High quality and irritation free...So glad to find a quality organic toilet paper that works for my family. My household has different skin types and not every brand works for us. So glad I discovered WHOLEROLL, my entire household is happy! 

Cheryl R. - Amazon Customer Feedback

Excellent product.  This toilet paper was a lot more stronger than I expected.  Doesn't take a lot to get the job done and it feels great to know a tree didn't have to be cut down to throw down the toilet.

Annie -Amazon Customer Review

I arrived at my office and my CASE OF 90 WHOLEROLL met me at the Door.  I was SHOCKED! I only ordered them 3 Days Before! !Excellent customer Service and a Great Price!!! WHOLEROLL feels and looks like your website, soft and clean!

Yvonne - Customer Review

I didn't know what to expect buying bamboo made toilet tissue. However, the toilet paper is beautifully designed, & my family didn't notice I switched. Grateful to have learned about WHOLEROLL; it is an easy way to use an ecofriendly product that is good for us. Thanks. I'm glad I tried it.  I look forward to my next order.

Electra - Customer Review

True to its description. Lint free organic. Would have given more than 5 stars if the roll was a little bigger. I recently developed an allergy to regular toilet paper, when I started using this, itchiness stopped...yayyy.

Chepie, Amazon Customer Review

A God sent product....I have a health condition where I have a constant discharge. I use pads but by rolling up a small section of WHOLEROLL over the pad it lasts longer and I feel good about holding it next to my bottom because it is organic. 

Patricia - Amazon Customer Review
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