5 Ways You Can Be Eco-friendly during the Summer Months

Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or using products that are good for the environment. Do you want to be eco-friendly this summer season? If so, here are 5 ways of doing just that.

Say no to plastic
Plastic usage is causing the most amount of damage to the earth and we all need to play our role by avoiding it. Summer means hot weather which means you need a lot of water. This summer try to make the difference by not buying plastic water bottles. Try carrying a reusable water bottle and take it back home with you. This way you are not just helping yourself, but you are helping planet earth as well. Plastic bottles and plastic bags does not only pollute the earth but it is also very harmful to the animals living in ocean waters. By not dumping any more plastic in the bin, you are taking one step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Isn’t that a good start? 

When not in use, turn off electric appliances
Summer season means more fans, air conditioners, and other electric appliances will be in use. Try to turn off each and every appliance at your house when it’s not in use. This way you will not only save electricity but also increase the life of your electric appliances. Moreover, excessive use of electricity is not going to help the atmosphere at all. Especially at places where electricity is generated through coal or similar fuels. More electricity means consumption of more fuels. This ultimately will damage the planet earth rapidly. Try bringing the much-needed change by adopting this eco-friendly lifestyle during the summer months.

Take advantage of the public facilities
This summer season try taking public transport in place of driving your own car or, if you really need to stay in a place with air conditioner try going to a public place that has controlled temperatures such as a shopping mall or a public library or a restaurant. By doing this, you will not only save resources but also live an eco-friendly lifestyle by helping planet earth from pollution and more fuel consumption. Try taking advantage of such public facilities wherever and whenever you can and be the difference.

Be Ecofriendly this Summer

Use eco-friendly cosmetics
You are more likely to go on a vacation in summer months. Dining out and traveling may increase your use of cosmetics. While on  vacation use an organic reef friendly sunscreen. Just like other cosmetics, most sunscreens available in the market have a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are not only harmful to your skin but also damage the coral reef and other such habitats that have been present for millions of years but are in danger now.

Be proactive
This summer season, in place of driving your car try riding a bike to your workplace. It might take a bit of extra time and effort but it will surely save you on fuel and keep you fit. Similarly, when you have to travel if possible try choosing eco-friendly vehicles or aircraft. This will save you time, fuel and will be better on the environment. 

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