Women Can Find Comfort in WHOLEROLL

Some women would probably never think twice about toilet paper potentially causing vaginal discomfort and yeast infections. Well how is this possible you say? Many toilet paper products contain BPA and chlorine bleach with can be an irritant to women's private areas. 

Women can also easily experience discomfort from the lint that sheds in just about 90% of all bathroom tissues.  Women can get these discomforting issues from using non-organic menstrual pads, tampons and other products.

 WHOLEROLL for Good for Women's Health

One of the reasons why organic paper products are very popular right now is that many women are discovering the health benefits of using organic products especially those products that come in contact with the body.

WHOLEROLL Good For The Entire Family

WHOLEROLL is proud to be one of those products that are getting rave reviews on Amazon and proving to be an organic brand of toilet paper that is BPA free, lint free, chlorine free and better not only for women but for the entire family.

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