That’s Not Trash! - 7 Upcycling Tips You Can do At Home

You have so many things at home you can reuse you would be surprised. Everything is not trash. You can remake some things into useful items. How do you do this? This process is called upcycling. When you upcycle you are taking those daily items you put it in the trash and make something useful out of it.

So how do you do this. Well it all begins in your wonderful imagination. There are many items you can use to reinvent your product. Don’t throw it away! You are only limited by your own imagination and most of us have a pretty good one. Think about what’s in your home. Those things you know you should throw away but can’t. Think of a creative way to repurpose it. You know like your favorite pair of jeans. think of using it in a quilt. You know those jelly jars you kinda feel irresponsible by just dropping in the trash. Redesign them and use them as planters. There are so many things you can upcycle and reuse if you just only use your imagination. Let’s take a look at a few more right here to get you motivated and ready to repurpose.

  1. Take plastic bottles and use for plants
  2. Take that newspaper and use as your firestarter
  3. Make plant markers from ice cream sticks
  4. Wine bottles as rolling pins
  5. Mason jars for candles
  6. Plastic bags for trash or storage
  7. Napkin rings made out of toilet paper rolls.

OK. You get the idea. Take a look around in your home. There are infinite items that can be used as a repurposing project. Often times, they are things you never even thought about. You just quickly throw them away. Now, we know you can’t reuse everything, but if you begin to reuse just a few things, you can save money, find it useful in other ways and you know what? You are helping preserve the earth by being responsible and keeping less trash out of the oceans and landfills. If nothing else, that is enough. So before you toss it out as trash, see if you can turn it into a treasure.

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