Rebuilding the Gulf Coast Wetlands Planting Trees with WHOLEROLL

For every package of WHOLEROLL that are purchased by our customers and partners, we will plant a tree on the Gulf Coast areas devastated by storms. Giving back is something we fundamentally believe in. Practicing sustainability is the core of our existence.

Hurricane Harvey


When we initially came into a partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation, we had not even begun selling any product.  Why was this?  We had the greater good in mind. We didn't want to wait to invest in the community. We started before one product was ever sold.


When we donated we told them to plant the trees where it was needed most.  Little did we know they had planted trees three weeks prior to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

We could not do this without your support. We do this in partnership with everyone who purchases WHOLEROLL. Because of you, together we are helping to rebuild the wetlands and restore the ecosystem on the Gulf Coast.

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