Naturally Soft Just Like Him

What mother doesn't want to give their baby the best. A new mother has a lot to learn with her first baby. What she does know is that there is an immense amount of love and affection that she cannot explain. A love that we would say she had never experienced until she has her own.

One of the reasons we created WHOLEROLL was to provide a better alternative for the next generation. One that would provide a solution that would have a lasting impact on the well being of the children of this generation as well as being committed to the preservation of the earth.


Baby Soft Naturally

One of the health benefits of our bamboo tissue is that it contains the natural antifungal and antibacterial components that you will never find in wood pulp bathroom tissue. A mother doesn't have to worry about chorine, BPA or any other chemicals involved in the processes for making the majority of what's on retail shelves getting into her babies system.

When you instill in your children the value in choosing healthy and natural products, you are passing on a legacy of health and wellness as well as an earth conscious commitment that can continue for generations to come. At WHOLEROLL, we believe that strength, absorbency, natural softness and quality matters. We also believe in the greater good and purpose to provide the best organic option that puts you and the earth first.  We are committed to being 'Earth Conscious and People Committed.'

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