Motivate Others to Recycle

The growing threat of global warming and the excess demand for earth’s natural resources have made the issue of environmental sustainability more important than ever. Recycling is one thing that can help tackle this issue.

Recycling has so many benefits: it reduces the amount of landfill waste, it reduces the need for raw materials, and it helps in protecting the environment.  However, in spite of all these benefits, there are some people that just don’t see the benefits. They only see it as a chore; an activity that is monotonous, uninspiring, and exhausting. You can’t inspire someone to take up recycling until and unless you become inspired first.

We all have a role to play when it comes to recycling. There isn’t an easier way of contributing towards saving the environment than recycling. Unfortunately, this is something that not everybody understands, acknowledges, or participates in. According to a recent study, less than a third of Americans recycle at home. Even if you’re someone that advocates and practices recycling on a daily basis, it is likely your extended family and fellow neighbors are not active in recycling.

At this point, you may be thinking how you can encourage those around you to incorporate recycling habits into their daily routines. You may be thinking what services, campaigns, and tools I can design to support changes that stick. Well, the first thing that you need to do is portray recycling as an event and not a chore. You need to find creative ways to encourage the people around you to recycle.

You need to find ways to encourage those around you to practice recycling at home, enhance their current recycling habits, and create new recycling routines that are more sustainable. And There are many ways to do that. 

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