Make a Resolution to Become A Better Leader in 2019

The idea and act of leadership is one that has permeated our society for years. From presidents and army sergeants to abolitionists and activists, leaders are individuals who both motivate and blaze trails. Everyone to a degree is a leader in some way. You should want to inspire and raise the level of performance of the next person. This can be done on your job, family in the community or anywhere you can have some influence. While the classification of a leader has changed over the years, the general definitions remain. Leaders are those who have mastered the art of leadership.
Let's take a look at some leadership inventory:
  • They Inspire
  • They Equip
  • They Raise Performance Levels
  • They set standards and examples
  • They are visionaries
  • They create more leaders
Above is a list of six characteristics of leaders. Leadership is simply one’s ability to lead. Leadership is not manipulation, persuasiveness, or managing. Leadership is categorized as a noun, however the performance is a verb. You have to actively lead people; you set the intentions and the course, possess the vision, and exemplify courage. Leadership is not easy. You have to be willing to be disliked, have your decisions questioned,and be willing to sometimes lead those who disagree with you. Leadership however is not simply enforcing your will and your decision without considering the opinions and suggestions of your team. It is the total opposite. It is embracing a groups beliefs and actively create solutions and drawing conclusions while everyone feels included.

As dichotomous in thought as it may be, leaders do not create followers. Yes, people or groups may imitate, model, or support your vision, but leaders create more leaders and better leaders. Leadership is the art of surrounding yourself with people whose minds, opinions, and education you value and who have strengths different than your own. In essence, leadership is one person simply appointed to guide other leaders. In 2019, embrace the leadership qualities you possess and utilize them to make your community and the world a better place to live.

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