How to Use Organic Ingredients for a Fresh and Clean Home

The health risks of cleaning while using industrial cleaners have been well documented. These cleansers with the chemical compounds they are made from are carcinogenic and can be triggers for other ailments. This is why you should make the shift to natural organic home cleaning solutions. There are several advantages of organic cleaning. It is inexpensive, healthier on the skin and body, hypoallergenic and leaves your home smelling very fresh. Let's look at some of the common organic ingredients for organic cleaning?

Baking soda

This natural cleanser has been around for a long time.  It is known for its deodorizing and abrasive properties that make it useful as a scrubbing agent for cleaning greasy surfaces. It can be used in the kitchen or bathroom floor. Be sure to add some salt to make it more potent.


This is another all-round cleaner that is known for its grease cutting abilities. It is useful in cleaning greasy utensils. Its acidic nature makes it a good antibacterial. It is also ideal for cleaning window panes and mirrors without streaking.

Lemon juice

This powerful cleaner is also added to many commercial cleaners to give a fresh scent. Lemon juice can be used to clean greasy utensils, clean off mold and clean glass surfaces and mirrors. Add 2 teaspoons to a sink of dirty utensils and leave for 30 minutes to make them easy to clean. Use it to wipe down mirrors to avoid streaking. It can also be used to wipe down the insides of ovens to inhibit mold growth. The good thing about lemon juice is that it leaves a fresh citric scent that is unique. 

Olive oil

This natural oil is very useful in cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces. It has moisturizing abilities that leave wooden surfaces with a long lasting shine. You can add it to lemon juice to clean grease and dirt off wooden furniture including wooden floors. 


This is better known as sodium hydroxide. Lye in the crystalline form is better for domestic purposes. It is an essential ingredient in many soaps for a good reasons. It binds onto grease particles making them easier to clean off. Use lye and vinegar to make a powerful bathroom cleaner.

What are the advantages of using organic solutions?

·         Non-allergic – Natural cleaners do not have the common triggers of allergies making them easy to handle if you have sensitive skin.

·         Fresh scents –  Natural cleaners do not have the sharp scents found in many commercial cleaners

·         Environmental friendly – These organic solutions break down easily when disposed of. They do not pollute groundwater.

When you begin to use organic solutions to clean your home you will see healthy changes. Your home will feel fresher and cleaner.

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