Earth, We Only Have One - Do This At Home to Help Save It

You know, we only have one earth so why don't we treat it a little better. What are some ways to do that without spending every dime you have and destroying your budget. Well you will be surprised at what you can do to help preserve the earth, and you will feel a little better when doing so. So let's discuss some ecofriendly tips to green your life.

Recycle your E-waste

Have you ever thought about recycling those ten old phones you have in your drawer from the past ten years. Yes they are recyclable. E-waste has pollutants that you don't want sticking around the house. They can contain mercury, lead, flame retardants and other pollutants. Find a verified recycler that can break these items down into reusable pieces so the toxic material can be handled appropriately.  

Cut Back on Electricity

We are living in a time where every home is filled with electronic devices. Did you know even if your devices are not on they can still consume energy. Yes. This is what they call phantom energy. Phantom energy is wasteful energy. Keeping your computer on or that cell phone plugged in can waste a lot of electricity that can add as much as 10% to your electricity bill. Who wants that? So what can you do? Unplug your chargers, computers, toasters or anything that it plugged in that's not in use. Oh, but don't unplug the refrigerator. You need to keep the food fresh. Just kidding, but you can invest in surge protectors that will disable power when these appliances or electronic gadgets are not in use.

Put Recyclable Containers to Good Use  

It is so tempting when you are out and about in the hot sun to go and pick up a bottle of water from your nearest convenience store. But this is not always good. It adds to the plastic problem that the world is already experiencing. Oceans are filled with plastic particles that are contaminating fish and other sea life and literally killing them off. Instead invest in your own reusable water container. Instead of going to the fast food restaurant where you will get a surplus of throw away paper goods, bring your own lunch to work in a reusable container. You will feel good about it and do the earth a lot of good.

These are just a few tips to get you started. There are many other ways to cut back such as using less water, saving cans to be recycled, repurposing and using recycled clothing. You can also save trees by eliminating the use of virgin pulp bathroom tissue and begin using a more ecofriendly option such as WHOLEROLL that is organic, made from bamboo and preserves trees and the earth. Start your journey today. All it takes is just one habit change to begin to live a greener lifestyle.   

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