Don't Just Throw it Away!- 5 Tips to Help You Recycle Your Makeup

OK really, who can’t go an hour without makeu? Only heaven knows how much we spend just to look lovely and beautiful. But deep beneath that glamorous-looking face, polished to perfection alongside a matching lipstick and well-manicured nails are an insane amount of half-used mascara, nail polish, and clumpy lipstick. No, the problem isn’t that they are perhaps half-used or not used at all!  Nothing can be sucky and eyesore than an endless flow of new bottles and containers atop your makeup drawer. But before you toss them in that wastebasket – and instantly feel guilty – think about how much you can save by being eco-friendly. You can recycle your cosmetics, but I’d suggest you empty every handbag, suitcase, purse, and drawer so that no compact makeup is left behind.
Now, here are the five top tips on how you can recycle your cosmetics at home.

·         #1:  Embrace the MAC Program

M.A.C has an excellent recycling program that can possibly make you guilty about repurchasing makeup pots. For every six M.A.C packaging containers, you will be rewarded with one M.A.C lipstick of your preference, free of charge. It is as great as it sounds!

·         #2: Give the Container a befitting use

Don’t toss that shampoo bottle away just yet there are many uses as well as some for those perfume bottles that are made to look fancy and admirable and can be an excellent piece for your home décor. You have unlimited applications, including being a unique flower vase, an incredible piece for storing scented sticks, jewelry or medications.

·         #3: Be an Artist or a painter and start with the remains of your favorite cosmetics.

If you’ve always had a soft spot about painting during your free time, then you already have the right starter pack at home. Just start by reusing that crumply eyeshadow you don’t wear anymore. Use the many DIY resources available on the web and be adventurous.

·         #4: Hunt for a recycling program near you

Apart from M.A.C, Lip-Ink Recycle Program also accepts four empty regular-sized Lip Ink vials and you will receive for free any Lip Ink Liquid Lip Color. The Return to Origins Recycle Program takes cosmetic tubes, bottles, and containers, which might help those who are tired of disposing of. Don’t forget to check out Beauty Brigade through Terracycle also.

·         #5: Create a tinted moisturizer at home.

It often becomes dull and tedious to apply foundations. A tinted moisturizer can, however, come to your rescue. You can just transform that pressed powder into DIY tinted moisturizer by taking that old pressed powder, gently crushing them to pieces and then slowly creating a moisturizer of your desired consistency. Once again, there are many ideas on the web to guide you every step of the way!

So go gather all your purses and get the old makeup out and look through all your bathroom bags and containers and begin to recycle those products. You will feel great about doing it.

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