Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with these Sustainable Practices

Are you spending exorbitant amounts on your groceries? Would you like to half your grocery bill without starving while at it? There are ways in which you can make less trips to the grocery store, half your food bill and eat healthier food to boot. This is most effectively achieved through recycling and sustainable living.  Sustainable living needs just a little bit of planning, but the results are worth it. Here are some ways that you can practice sustainable living and make huge savings on your food bill:

Adopt a Plant-Rich Diet

By starting on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains you will be able to not only be healthier but also save more as it is cheaper that one with a plethora of meat and animal product. Besides, it is faster and easier to cook when on a plant-centric diet and you can store the leftovers in the fridge to carry you through the week.

Buy Organic Produce

Rather than keep heading over to the grocery store where prices for organic produce can get pricey, choose to buy instead from community gardens and farmers markets. Make sure you have prior knowledge of the prices from various groceries that you need and then go later when you can get discounts.

Compare Pricing

Often times with grocery stores, you may find them selling the same product for different prices. Compare base prices of products you regularly use from at least 3 grocery store and buy accordingly where the price is lowest.

Cook Your Breakfast

Nothing will keep inflating your food budget than the high prices of cereal.  Cereal can be a permanent feature on your weekly shopping least and this can quickly add up. Having other options such as an egg and toast with juice or yogurt can help you reduce costs.

Choose Pastured dairy, eggs and dairy

Free range organic products are more nutritious and eco-friendly when bought directly from the farmer and you will also find they will cost you less because you eliminate the middle man.

Plan Ahead

Before you go grocery shopping determine what the necessities are. Figure out what you need to keep you healthy and the ingredients needed to make wholesome meals. Make sure you jot it down during the week and stick to the list to avoid deviating from your budget and succumbing to impulse buying.

Find Great Deals

Shop the deals using strategies such as coupons and buying bulks items which are on sale. However, you must be careful to only purchase sale items that you will actually use. If you let them go to waste you will of course be losing money instead of saving.

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