Creating a Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom with Color and Your Personality

A beautiful bohemian bedroom is a great bedroom that expresses your personality.  It is a great way to express yourself. It is also a great way to inspire warmth into your bedroom design. There are many design ideas out there that you can try to come up with a perfect bohemian bed. The common ideas are organic elements, bold hues, vintage furniture, art on the wall, linen and pretty patterns among other elements.

 Here are some tips to get you started

Learn something about the lifestyles of famous bohemians

Get into the mindsets of the bohemians by studying about creative individuals that led a bohemian lifestyle. See if you share the same sense of adventure. Some of the famous bohemians include artist Margaret Olley, Poet Leonard Cohen, and Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

 Fill the bedroom with art

According to bohemians, the walls are meant to hold art.  Art is not only destined for the most public parts of the home. It should also grace your bedroom, as it is your personal reflective space.

 Writers, artists, designers, and musicians have long practiced bohemianism. Follow their line of thinking by adding one artistic piece after another. You can start with murals, sculptures and patterned fabrics before installing more intricate art pieces. 

 Play with color

 There is no wrong color in bohemianism. The bohos free their minds by the use of color. Forget the sleep analysts’ views that certain colors induce sleep while others do not. The bedroom is not just for sleep but space where you reflect and feel good about yourself. Follow your heart.

Start your adventure of patterns and textures

 Unlike the conventional bedrooms, bohemian bedrooms can afford to contrast different patterns and textures. This adds personality to your bedroom. Think of satin bedspreads, Persian rugs, antique wood, vintage lamps, and exposed brick among other textures. A combination of several of them creates warmth in your bedroom. 

 Have a personal creative space in the bedroom

 Create a space at one of the corners of your bedroom where you can design, write, or do any special artistic activity that brings out the true you. Keep the pieces of art you create whether poems, paintings or embroidery in view so that you retain your creativity. 

 Make the bed a piece of art

Make your own bed a piece of art. You can have differently patterned beddings, a stylistic bed made of rustic wood, vibrant, and bold shades of the carpet and a variety of patterned cushions. Bohemianism is a grasping the art and colors of the earth. It is expressive of you and how you see your own color and reality.

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