Cooking Just for Yourself- Here Are 5 Tips

Cooking takes a lot of effort. Coming home after work and getting something together to feed yourself can take way more effort than you feel like you have at the end of the day. Most of the time, you might turn to the drive-thru. But then you feel guilty for eating poorly. What's the solution? Learning how to cook for one person can change your life. With these five tips, you'll be able to efficiently and effectively cook for yourself and feel good about it!

1.    Find recipes that can be "left-overs" for a few days
When you cook for yourself, it is likely that you'll have a lot left over. Because of this, make sure you're cooking things that will be easy to keep in the fridge until you can finish them off. You don't want the food you prepare to go to waste, so package it into Tupperware and pack your lunch during the week.

2.    Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep
Consider spending your Sundays prepping your meals for the week. Meal prep will allow you to really organize yourself, so you'll have your food prepared for the entire week. You won't have to rush to fix something at the last minute or cave and go through a drive-thru.

3.    Use the same ingredients for multiple dishes
Buying meat means you usually always have leftovers. Pick out recipes that will use the same meat and share a package between the two dishes. For instance, buy a package of chicken and use it for multiple dishes throughout the week. That way, your meat won't expire before you eat it all, but you'll also have multiple dishes to eat throughout the week.

4.    Plan ahead.
If meal prepping requires too much time and effort, simply ensure you plan out your groceries so you're ready for the week ahead. Make a list for the grocery store of everything that you'll need for the week and limit yourself to buying only those things. Avoid impulse buying by sticking to your list. Once you've made your list and bought your groceries, plan out exactly what you want to eat every night. This will help keep you from wasting food.

5.    Consider shopping at a farmer's market.
Produce is one of the greatest products in the grocery store. But since you only need to buy for one, consider shopping at a farmer's market. You'll get the freshest produce available and you'll be able to buy it in appropriate quantities to feed yourself.

Cooking for one person can be a challenge. It's easy to get sucked into a drive-thru or skipping meals altogether. If you follow these five tips, you'll be able to conquer cooking for one person. Remember, it's all about planning ahead!

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