Be Hip Go Green and Use Clean

"Don't be mean, Protect the Earth and Go Green"

Modernization and the continual evolving technology in diverse industries have brought numerous changes and improvement in our society for the past few years. Along with these changes in our modern world has also raised those increasingly complex problems and havoc to our environment, which in return causes it to deteriorate and die. As we can see, many of these changes destroy and damage our natural resources and trigger our source of goods/necessities to become scarce and limited. Remember  that our natural environment is our ultimate source of life, supplies our food and other important things which is essential to our day-to-day living, so let’s not worsen its condition, instead, let us make an active involvement on how we can preserve our environment.

One of the best approach to help our Mother Earth is learning how to ‘go green’ even in your own little ways. “Going Green” is a way of life, and not just a trend or a fad. It is a serious and life-changing decision that all of us need to make if we want to preserve our environment. If you really want to create a nice and safe world for your family and the next generation to come, then, the following are some of the simplest steps that you can follow to save not only our environment, but also our entire world:

a.       Green your Ride

Studies have shown that one of the top most reasons why the ozone layers is deteriorating is because of the carbon dioxide emission brought by industrial companies and gas coming from cars. If you’re just about to go to a nearby place or commercial establishment where riding a car is not really necessary, why not just walk as an alternative? In this way, you’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll become healthy due to your walking exercise.

If you don’t want to walk, traveling though bike is also one of the best alternative at hand. However, if it can’t really be done without the use of car, then checking your car engine’s condition will also help. This is indeed important so that you won’t be adding to the percentage of those car owners who causes so much Carbon Dioxide emission.

b.      Reduce the Use of Plastic and Styrofoam

Many environmentalists have found out that it takes more than 300 to 500 years for plastic to decompose while another 300 years for the Styrofoam to decay totally. If you are going to shop around or need to pack your important things or goods, opting for a more eco-friendly material is one of the best option that you should consider. Go for eco-bag, paper bag and other eco-friendly container that are either reusable or biodegradable.

c.       Save Electric Consumption

Saving energy is another way of preserving our environment. Many type of energy uses fossil fuel in order to supply many households with electricity. However, fossil fuels are not renewable, which means that until the very last ‘chunk’ of coal, they are needed to be dug from deep below the earth until the last drop of oil has been pumped. So as much as possible, reduce the use of your energy consumption, especially when you are not using a particular appliance in your home or office. This way, you’ll not only cut the cost of your electric bills but you’ll also save huge sum of money by doing so.

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