7 Ways to Use Nature to Make Your Home Smell Organically Fresh

Aromatherapy is proven to have a calming effect on the mind and is a powerful mood booster. A good smelling home and bathroom is very attractive and makes the house a refuge away from the daily hassles. Store-bought air fresheners are the first option when looking to make the home or bathroom smell fresh. The problem is that they contain a variety of chemicals that can be allergic to some people. There is also the question of the footprints of these chemicals on the environment. However, there are natural ways of making the house smell great and here's what you have to do.

1.    Oranges and cinnamon

This is really simple to do. Build some water in a pan. Put in some orange peels and cinnamon chops. Let this boil for some minutes. The evaporating fumes give off a very good scent coming from the kitchen. You can splash the ‘soup’ on the bathroom floor to give this citric scent.

2.    Carpet deodorizers

Make a carpet deodorizer by mixing baking soda, borax and essential oils in a bowl.   Sprinkle this mixture on the carpet and vacuum after 15-20 minutes. This leaves the carpet and the living room smelling fresh.

3.    Homemade Gel fresheners

Add 10 drops of essential oil to two cups of water. Stir in some salt and add a pack of gelatin. Place this mixture in a heat-safe container and let it harden. This becomes a free standing freshener that can be placed anywhere in the house for fresh scents.

4.    Natural diffusers

Take a glass or jar and fill it halfway with a mixture of water, cleaner and essential oils. Take 8 bamboo skewers and trim them such that they are not more than twice the height of the glass. Dip them in the glass and place in the bathroom for fresh scents.

5.    Flowers

Flowers add color and wonderful scents in a room.  Palm trees, lilies, and orchids work very well in a room. 

6.    Air freshener jars

Make air freshener jars that can be placed in any room. Take a small mason jar and poke holes in the lid. Take ½ cup baking soda and add into the ball together with six drops of essential oils. Place anywhere in the house.

7.     Pine cone fresheners

Take a few pine cones such that the bunch’s stems can fit in your handhold and arrange them in a big jar. Take essential oils and dab each pine cone with one or two drops. This makes a fine piney scent freshener that can be moved from room to room.

There is nothing more inviting that walking into a home that is clean and has an aroma that makes you want to stay.  Try making or using these ideas in your next home project, but beware your guests may never want to leave.

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