7 Organic and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

What better way to decorate your home than with what nature gave you? While flashy decorations with loads of lights, foil paper and other flashy decorations look good, organic decorations can bring a refreshing change in greenery and fresh scents in the home. The good thing about organic decorations is that you will find most of what you need on your lawn, grocery store or at the nearby park. Here are some organic decoration ideas you can try.

Garland on the front door

Why not give your guests a simple, beautiful and colorful welcome to your home with a garland of flowers on the front door? You can make a wreath from pine cones or raffia leaves and add a bit of color with roses.

Greenery on the front porch

Give your home a rustic rural feel by placing a few garden items on the front porch. Place a few pumpkins on a bale of hay like they are fresh off the farm. These are complimented with potted plants featuring earthy colors like brown, orange and green.

Leaf decorations

There are hundreds of types of leaves out there with a rich variety in shape, color and texture that you can make into very interesting decorations. Make the decorating a whole family affair by inviting the kids to make exciting crafts which they can detail with marker pens, and colorful beads.

Stairway garlands

Make your stairway more colorful with a garland. You can make a simple and colorful garland from grapevines or flexible tree branches. If you need to make a longer garland, use a thin but stiff wire to connect several branches.

Lots of flowers

A bouquet of fresh colorful flowers is suitable for any party. Popular colors for a holiday feel are red, orange and yellow. A vase of flowers can be placed as a centerpiece on the table.  You can place free hanging flowers on the wall to brighten up the place.

Delicious Fruits

Use fruits as decorations and your guests will be delighted to see something beautiful that they can also eat. Colorful fruits like oranges, bananas, and apples can be put in a bowl and placed on the table to add a bit of color and serve as appetizers.

Beeswax candles

You can make sweet scented candles using beeswax and a few drops of an essential oil like lavender. Make luminaries using paper bags and place your candles in them for soft holiday lighting. You can place these candles even outdoors as the sweet scent will keep the bugs away.

These are great natural ideas that will invite the outside in. Happy Holidays!

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