5 Tips to Go Green and Get You Started Recycling Today

We produce a lot of waste as we move about life and with our daily business.  Much of the waste comes from packaging materials of the products that we buy from the stores. There is also a lot of electronic waste that comes from the devices that we use such as phones, tablets, and personal computers. Below are some practical ways that you can use to boost your recycling practices.

Buy recycled

One of the first things that you can do to start is by supporting the recycling movement and purchasing recycled materials. Except for paper, most of the recycled materials can be recycled over and over again without losing their qualities.  There are tons of recycled paper products, plastics, and metal parts in the market.  If there is a demand for recycled products, this will be an incentive for manufacturers to recycle more.

Recycle the outdated technology

With technology changing very fast, most of the electronics are deemed obsolete before they completely break down. Instead of throwing away these appliances or smartphones, you can donate them to non-profit organizations to be used by nonprofit organizations that support the less fortunate in society. You can also try to locate a local electronic waste disposal center and help recycle electronic waste.

Know what can be recycled and what cannot

Get an understanding of the recycling rules in your locality and learn about the different waste products that can be recycled and what cannot. Avoid sending waste that cannot be recycled to the recycle bins because if you do more resources will be used up in sorting out the waste which can therefore make the whole process less effective. Moreover, learn to differentiate types of waste bins by using specific colors. The common colors are green or grey which is for non-recyclable waste, blue is for recyclable waste and brown is for kitchen or garden waste.  Different countries use different color schemes.  In your home you can decide what works best and is most memorable for your family.


Don't just throw away items after you no longer have use for them, or when they get too old. You can use plastic containers for planting flowers and crops around the house. You can repurpose sinks, vanities, and bowls as well. Antique furniture can be sold at flea markets or repurposed for decoration or other unique household needs.

 Donate what you do not use

There are a lot of people that would appreciate having what you do not want or need. Remember that your trash can be someone else's treasure. If you have clothing that is too small, broken jewelry, shoes, soaps, furniture and fixtures that you do not really need, give it to those who can make use of it. This repurposing and reusing will keep items out of the dustbin and landfills while putting it to good use for someone that may be less fortunate or someone who can resell it through repurposing.

You can make the earth an ideal place to live.  All you have to is refocus and apply these daily practices and remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle because it really matters!

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