5 Safety Tips to Keep Baby Safe in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house. Often times it becomes the place where your little ones can get really curious. So how do you keep them safe in a place where injuries and accidents often happen. First we must recognize that young children and toddlers, should never be in a bathroom without supervision. Lets discuss this and look at ways you can keep them safe.

Always Supervise the Little Ones

Do you know that a little one can drown even in a little bit of water. Just a couple of inches is all that it takes. How devastating to even think of. Never become distracted by the phone, or the doorbell or running to get an item that you forgot. Of course you can place them in baby bath seats or place them in tub rings but these products never guarantee being accident free. Parents must be with their children at all times. Keep everything you need at arms reach when bathing a baby.

Pay Attention to the Temperature of the Water
The temperature of water in your home begins with the adjustment of the water heater. Never have the water temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Always test the water with your hands before you place the child in the tub in order to prevent scalding.

Watch those Electrical Appliances

Moms tend to have a lot of products and appliances working in the bathroom.  There can be a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, curlers or even Dad's electric razors. After you use your appliances, be sure to unplug them and store them away with a lock when not in use.  I know it may be a little inconvenient, but it is actually better to use appliances in rooms where there is no water.

Try Not to Slip and Fall

Falling can be accidental at any age so what can you do to prevent falls. It is a must to place a no skid strip at the bottom of the bath tub. Getting up out of the bath tub and stepping over is a very hazardous situation. Make sure the child holds on to something as he gets out or make sure you have a very good grip when taking him or her out.

Medicine out of Site  

Many people keep their medications in the bathroom.  It is easy for a child to wonder in and attempt to open the bottle out of curiosity. Make sure all medications are stored high and out of reach where the children can not reach them.  Also make sure they have child-resistant caps on them as well.

Protecting your children is your number one priority. Make sure all of these tips are in place in all of your bathrooms to keep your children safe and injury free.  

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