5 Different Household Products Made of Bamboo That the Consumer is Beginning to Use

Bamboo is one of the best substitutes that grow naturally for the endangered rainforest hardwoods. Due to its quick growing rate, versatility and high rate of biomass generation, it yields a lot of raw materials which are utilized for various purposes. Their straightness, smoothness, light nature, hollowness and strength of the culms make them easy to split into different lengths and sizes to make various products. Due to its versatile nature, bamboo outmatches the other tree species, that’s why it is used in manufacturing of sturdy furniture and other household items.  In the past people only used bamboo as a food, but they have discovered fascinating ways of utilizing bamboo. Five of the household bamboo products include:

·         Bamboo wipes

Due to its soft, skin friendly and antibacterial properties, bamboo is used in making baby wipes and wipes for general use. The bamboo wipes come in two different types; disposable or reusable and is made of 100% biodegradable eco-friendly non-woven bamboo. The disposable wipes are mainly packed individually or sometimes in resealable plastic packs. On the other hand, reusable bamboo wipes are made of squared fabric that is super soft and absorbent at the sometime. The best choice for a baby is natural fragrance baby wipes which are anti-allergic and good to use on the sensitive skin of babies

·         Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Human beings use more than 27,000 trees in the form of tissue paper. Some companies have realized the adverse environmental effects of using trees to manufacture toilet paper and are creating great bamboo and recycled tissues. Their aim of making ‘tree-free’paper has led them to the discovery that tropical bamboo can be used in the manufacturing of toilet tissue. One of the main reasons is that tropical bamboo only takes 18 months to harvest while trees can take 15-25 years to grow.

·         Bamboo Towels

Not only are bamboo towels antifungal, odor resistant and antibacterial, but they are also luxuriously soft and their absorbance is three times higher than that of cotton towels. Bamboo towels are the perfect choice for hyper-allergic and sensitive skin due to their smooth fibers.

·         Bamboo socks

Bamboo material makes good socks especially for those people who have foot conditions. Diabetic people have extra dry and sensitive skin, bamboo socks provide dry comfort and reduce the chances of fungal infection on the feet. Additionally, it’s odor resistant and superabsorbent to keep feet dry and fresh all day.

·         Bamboo underwear

Good underwear should be made of soft and bacterial free material. Bamboo underwear fits in perfectly due to its antibacterial properties for men, women and babies underwear. Not only is it antibacterial, but it also non-allergic, super soft, superlight, invisible to the skin and hygienic.

Bamboo products are great environmentally friendly products that are good to touch, good for you and great for the preservation of the environment. 

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