10 Upcycling Ideas For Your Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and Yard

Upcycling is a process of repurposing everyday items and making them into useful products that would otherwise be thrown out. The process of upcycling is only limited by your own imagination. In this article I will give you some ideas on what you can repurpose in your home in order to extend the life of your products. Throwing away  things is not always easy to do, and sometimes it is done with a heavy heart, but you can recreate those special treasures and make them into something lasting. heart. Don't look at old broken items as trash, but begin to see the array of creative potential that it can become.  Upcycling decreases the volume of trash in landfills and it can also be a way to earn income as many people resale repurposed and upcycled products on Etsy.  All you need is a little will power and some patience and you can create a renewed and useful product.

Here is a list of 10 upcycling ideas:

1.) Turn your old bottles into candle holders

2.) Use an old wine bottle as a rolling pin

3.) Reuse your egg cartons as a Christmas tree bulb storage container

4.) Turn you ice cream sticks into plant markers for your garden

5.) Reuse you newspaper as a firestarter if you own a woodstove otherwise put them under your car in the garage to soak up any coolant or oil that has leaked. If you have nothing better a damp newspaper can also be used to wipe down dirty windows.

6.) Turn old mason jars into drinking cups

7.) Use old plastic bottles to create planters for your houseplants

8.) Reuse your plastic vegetable bags as storage and organization for your gloves, mittens, or socks. Make great dust protectors for clothing that will be put into storage for the season.

9.) By cutting you toilet paper rolls you can create easy do it yourself seed starters for early garden plants, or if you have children you can use them to organize their matchbox car collection. You can even decorate them to create fancy napkin rings.

10.) Use your old salt and pepper shakers as seed holders so when it comes to plant all you have to do is just shake them onto the soil.

These are just a few of the infinite ways that household items can be repurposed. As you can see from the list many of the items are probably hardly given a second thought and simply thrown in the trash without batting an eye. Though it is almost impossible for most you to reuse everything that you are planning on throwing away, but even a small percentage of would be trash if it is repurposed is a win for the environment. And not only is this good for the environment and shows that you are thinking in terms of the greater good, but  they are great family projects that are fun to do. Upcycling is a creative outlet that will allow you to be as simple or as complex as you so choose to be. 

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